Inclusive Workplace Training

Equip your team with the skills and knowledge to create an inclusive work environment for neurodiverse individuals. Our customized training sessions empower employees to embrace diversity, foster understanding, and promote collaboration. Through interactive workshops and insightful discussions, we address biases, promote empathy, and provide practical strategies to build an inclusive workplace.


Neurodivergent Family  Support

Customized Support Plans:
We work closely with neurodivergent individuals and their families to develop customized support plans tailored to their specific needs. Our team collaborates with clients to identify areas of support, such as communication strategies, sensory accommodations, and social skills development. By understanding each individual's strengths and challenges, we create comprehensive support plans that promote their success and well-being.

Advocacy for Individuals:
Abstract Consulting, LLC advocates for the rights and needs of neurodivergent individuals. We support individuals in navigating educational environments, ensuring they have access to the resources and accommodations they require. Our team works closely with schools and colleges to foster understanding, promote inclusivity, and advocate for the rights of neurodivergent individuals.

Workshops and Resources:
We offer workshops and resources designed to empower families, and individuals with practical strategies and knowledge. Topics covered include executive functioning skills, communication strategies, self-advocacy, and building supportive networks. Our goal is to equip clients with the tools and information necessary to navigate and succeed in various settings.